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What is a relief CVT?

A relief Certified Veterinary Technician (or locum Certified Veterinary Technician) is very similar to a relief Veterinarian!  A relief CVT is an outside agent/agency hired by an organization to provide veterinary technology skills and support, acting as part of the veterinary healthcare team, during times of insufficient support staff.

What can a relief CVT do?

Vet Teams relief CVTs pride themselves on being able to ‘jump into’ each day’s appointments, client communications or any other CVT appropriate responsibilities.  Relief CVTs are no strangers to appointments (both preventative medicine and illness), laboratory functions, husbandry, nursing care, and surgery (to name a few!)

Are they an employee of the institution?

Since the relief CVTs from Vet Teams are not employees of the clinic or hospital they are providing services for, all the paperwork, Human Resources protocols, and wages/taxes are handled by Vet Teams!

Why should I hire a relief technician?
  • Decrease payroll and overtime costs
  • Illness
  • Vacation
  • Maternity leave
  • During candidate searches and hiring processes
  • Addition of associates
  • “Busy” Season
  • Expansion of services
  • “On Call” needs
  • During new graduate
  • Conference/CE attendance
What relief services do you offer?
  • Specialty and referral practice experience includes anesthesia, surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, emergency, and ICU settings.
  • Familiar with Abaxis, Heska, and Idexx laboratory suites.
  • Familiar with many veterinary practice management software systems, including, but not limited to Avimark, Dvmax, and Impromed.
  • Experience in handling and treatment of canines, felines, pocket pets, exotics, and select production animals.

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How Can Vet Teams Help You Minimize Employee Overtime Cost?
What does it ACTUALLY* cost to per hour of overtime for your credentialed technician?

Hourly Wage $18 base pay (Time and a half): $27.00
Social Security and Medicare Tax: $4.14
Federal Taxes: $2.70+
State Taxes: $1.27+
Unemployment Tax: Varies
Unemployment Insurance: Varies
Worker’s Compensation: Varies

Total: $35.11+/hour

Additional costs of PTO, employee benefits based on hours worked, as well as decreased productivity and increased absenteeism, etc. related to overtime are not included.

* Taxes costs are estimates and not actual. Actual costs should be obtained after consulting a tax professional.

Veterinary team education, assessment, mentoring, and relief services.

Service Area

Vet Teams services are generally available for the Twin Cities Metro and surrounding areas. All other services are available for customization in all 50 states. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

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